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Blister and Bleed

“Hold me,” my eyes scream through the tears
Touch me and the longing disappears
The shame I have is mine alone
Feel my skin crawl from the bone

My love, I fear what I want most
I hide like a shadow, like a ghost
I’m raw and exposed and I’ll never heal
Too scared to trust, too scarred to feel

I blister and bleed
Fall on my knees
I beg and I plead
Say you love me
And I’ll wilt
And the walls that I built
Will come crumbling

Will you watch over me as I sleep?
Will you shudder to find these wounds are just too deep?
I can justify everything I’ve put you through
I can tear off the bindings that tie me to you

We hurt the ones we love most

© 2024 Nightlite Mary