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NLM News

May 29, 2014:

Welcome, Ben!

Nightlite Mary is happy to announce the addition of Ben Lovell on guitar, banjo and backing vocals. Ben is a talented musician and songwriter who brings his talents to NLM’s live shows. We are excited to have his talent on board and look forward to his live debut June 30.

February 14, 2013:

IGNITE the Winter!

See us TWICE at IGNITE the Winter! March 1. We will play the main stage outdoors at 5 pm and then will head inside to play StageRight at Auburn Public Theater for Auburn Photography Club’s exhibit.

July 20, 2012:

Welcome Noah!

Nightlite Mary is excited to introduce Noah Donch, who joins the band on drums. NLM has always been just three guys, which seriously hampered our ability to play live. Noah’s an eager, hard-working guy who brings some new energy to the group, and we’re happy to work with him. You can check us out July 28 in Syracuse, where we’ll play a set at the Syracuse Arts and Crafts Festival at St. Paul’s Cathedral.

August 22, 2011:

Nightlite Mary’s New Album, dn8-4!

The wait is over! NLM’s new album, “dn8-4” is finaly here. 12 new tracks. 12 new reasons to get up in the morning. 12 new ways to experience life like you never expected.

You can get “dn8-4” at CD Baby, or iTunes. Track list includes: Deserve, Suppose To Do, Endless Sidewalks, Letting Go, Icarus, Live Your Life, Fresh, The Joke, Worth Living, Milquetoast, Smile, With Me. We’ll be releasing videos for some of these songs, so be on the look out for all that awesomeness.

May. 23, 2010:

Sweeter prices!

The Nightlite Mary album prices have changed for our CD Baby sales. Physical CD’s are $8.99, digital albums are $7.99, and individual tracks are now 0.89ยข. Order yours today!

Sept. 18, 2009:

On sale now!

CD Baby is now selling the Nightlite Mary album in CD and MP3 formats. Download the whole 14-song album for just $9.99, single tracks for 99 cents each, or order the CD for $12.97. The album will also be available to download through iTunes in several weeks. Order or download your copy today, and support independent artists!

August 28, 2009:

Nightlite Mary CD has arrived!

Our self-titled debut CDs have arrived and are being prepared for purchase. If you can’t stand the wait, please contact us about buying our CD. Poly wrapped, full color, in a jewel case, $10! While supplies last. Shipping and handling charges not included.

August 15, 2009:

Updated site theme, music section

We’ve updated in preparation for our soon-to-be-released CD. The site design now matches the album art for the CD, which will be available soon. Our music page has also been updated with the official album tracks. These are brand-spanking-new versions of our tunes. Go now and listen already!

July 21, 2009:

To the drawing board and back

You may wonder where Nightlite Mary has been lo these many months. The answer is that we’ve finished our first album, which should be ready for human consumption in mere weeks. A huge shout to Paul Nolan, who took it upon himself to remix and master all of our tracks. They sound better than ever. We’ll be replacing all of our sample tracks on the site shortly, and send along info on how to get the album as a download or to order a physical copy. So keep watch for updates to our store, our music page and more. It’s all coming quite soon. It all seems so fitting now, just about a year since the official formation of the band, that we’re finishing an album several years in the making.

July 29, 2008:

New gear available

Now you can show your support for NLM by getting your own Nightlite Mary tee shirt at our store. We’ll soon add coffee mugs and new shirt designs to the mix, so check back often to see what’s new!

July 17, 2008:

Nightlite Mary embarks on virtual world tour

Okay, not really. Or maybe, depending on how you look at it. The three of us have decided to give ourselves a name, put the music we’ve worked on over the years at the feet of the online public and, well, that’s as far as the plan goes. We’ve enlisted the help of the talented Joe Martell, who is mixing and mastering our most recent stuff, and we plan to put lots online in the coming months. As of today, we’ve got 14 “vault” tracks online…stuff from the wayback days…all unfinished, but we think worth listening to. It’s all about the creative process, and our vault section shows that process in an unpolished form.

The new stuff, of course, will have polish, and we think they’re some of the best songs we’ve done. Please, feel free to poke around, or drop us an e-mail. We’d love to hear from you.


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