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The Joke

Balding and thick in the middle,
He’s a portrait of responsibility
He’s what I’m supposed to be,
When I’m 20 years older
And he’s carrying Starbucks in a travel mug
But I’m carrying the weight of the world
On my shoulders

Charming and innocent and witty
She still bristles when her mama says she’s pretty
But she’s as comfortable with life now
As she ever was
And she’s facing her first real disappointment
But I’m racing a clock that only stops once

I keep running away from the end
The world just turns around again

Restless and anxious and hopeful
I’ve been proud and depressed and boastful
But I’ve found my fear embodied
In the vastness of eternity
An eternity is a mere moment,
Just long enough for a joke

I need a little more religion
A little more time
I need a little more hope
And a little less pride
A little more direction
A little less greed
A little more faith
I need a little more me

© 2023 Nightlite Mary