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Supposed To Do

My throat it bleeds from screaming
At the top of my lungs
It’s a stupid conversation
But the damage was already done
It’s soul survival, though it’s suicidal
We’re Mars and Venus, to quote your Bible
Tried to stop myself before the words
Fell off my tongue

You’ve got the wrong impression here, I guess
Like there’s something even remotely comfortable
About this mess
Deaf and screamin, you perfumed demon
A dreamer who just keeps on dreamin
While all the underlying rot goes unaddressed

What am I supposed to do
When it’s all over
And I can’t get through to you
And it don’t matter anymore
And nothing ever justifies the strain
Memories and angst and hurt and pain

I’ve torn through every word you’ve ever said
I begged you for forgiveness as I bled
Ripped and tattered, bruised and battered
I suffered through your mindless chatter
While any sense of pride I had was dead

© 2023 Nightlite Mary