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Sometimes I guess it’s hard for me
To read between the lines
When that line you’ve drawn’s just
A little thick for me to cross
I confess you’re a weakness
I’ve not learned to repress
Maybe I’m just not prepared
To suffer the loss
I never get what I deserve
Please You build me up just to
bring me To my knees And I’m sorry;
I can’t take it anymore I never get
what I deserve Can’t you see
The whole world is full of
possibilities And you belong with
me It’s 3 a.m. and I wonder If
your arms are around him It’s not
a question; I guess I’m grasping to
the illusion Nights like this I
wonder If a shred of hope still
exists I guess I’d call and ask
If I thought you’d pardon the
intrusion Every postcard that
you send Every choice that you
defend Every moment you pretend
I see through Over and over again

© 2023 Nightlite Mary